Good Friends

Purpose of Establishment

It was established in order to promote reconciliation and cooperation between the North and South Koreans, provide humanitarian aid to North Korean residents suffering from extreme economic hardship, carry out activities to improve the human rights situation of North Korean refugees, and advance peaceful reunification of the two Koreas through cooperation with Koreans living overseas. (Article III of the articles of association)

Background of Establishment

Good Friends was established in 1996 to save the North Korean residents who were starving to death amidst a devastating food crisis. Starting with humanitarian assistance to North Korean residents and human rights improvement activities, it has carried out various initiatives for inter-Korean reconciliation and peaceful reunification.

Major Activities by Timeline

Since the extensive UN sanctions on North Korea were still in place in 2018, JTS was only able to provide 360 tons of corn to North Korea in humanitarian aid.


Lectures on Korean Unification (three consecutive lectures to make educational
programs on Korean unification)

> Subject: Why do we practice ‘South and North Korean people becoming good neighbors’?

Lecture on Asian Peace, Human Rights and Refugees

> Subject: Refugees, Somewhere Between a Guest and a Gatecrasher, Speaker: Song Young-hoon, the Head of Refugee and Human Rights Center at Gangwon Univ.

Seminar on Asian Peace, Human Rights and Refugees (PHR)


Need to prepare for the reorganization of the Saeteomin Project

Managing a seminar group led by foreigners studying or working in South Korea to
discuss about the issue of peace, human rights, and refugee in Asia